Setting Litespeed Virtual Host Priority Over Apache httpd.conf

So I'm trying to set up ruby on rails app on a server that has both apache and litespeed installed. I have disabled apache and all my domains that are currently configured are running on litespeed but they all still use httpd.conf settings.

I'm successfully able to create VirtualHost for Ruby on Rails app just like instructed here:

And I'm showing that VirtualHost as "running" under "Debug Logging" in the Litespeed control panel, but it's all the way at the bottom after all the other httpd.conf virtual hosts.

When I go to the actual domain that I want to configure to run Ruby on Rails app, it's still loading VirtualHost config from httpd.conf instead of my VirtualHost.xml file that I created specifically for that domain via litespeed.

So my question is, without deleting the VirtualHosts in the httpd.conf and without disabling httpd.conf (I need a lot of its settings to run other domains on the server) how can I set priority of Litespeed virutalhost settings over httpd.conf?

Thanks in advance for any help!