Setting up Cloudflare API on LSCache Wordpressnplugin - Domain

On the CF API in the LSCache WP plugin settings, the website I am setting this up for is another one, why does this other domain I have on the same CF account appear? Will it work?




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Hi JulienBayonne,
"the website I am setting this up for is another one", do you mean your site domain is A but you setup B(
As long as The CloudFlare API key match to the Domain, it will work.
To verify it, just visit Manage>CDN and see if value shows normally.
Well, the website I am logged in and working on is, but the webiste shown under Domain in the settings is as you see

Well when I go tp manage>CDN everthing seems fine and when I click on 'purge everything' there for exemple the page reloads normally.



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I think you gonna need to adjust the domain, because the zone ID depends on domain , you should check that against the ID in your CF.

You can also verify it by "Check Status " button to see if matches.


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I did the check for the Developer Mode and it dtated after clicking on activate for it: Current status is ON. Development mode will be automatically turned off in 2h, 59m 59s.

So I guess all is fine.