Should i learn CentOS before learn about LiteSpeed ?

I need a macro view about what i should learn first, any tips are welcome. My idea is CyberPannel + LiteSpeed + CentOS (idk if ubuntu is better) + Redis in a UNIX Socket + remove all services not used from centroOS.

The goal is to make fast websites, i think its called static websites but i not sure about the concept of what is a static, well my websites gonna have 2-3 youtube videos + texts and a few images to sell houses
For static files, such as html page with images , without php, LiteSpeed should be the best server to serve such files. You can setup browser cache for images, css etc.
If you use php application, you should enable cache.
in my website i need form that gonna get name, email and phone, so my solution ubuntu+ Cyberpanel Entreprise (free license)+ LiteSpeed than nginx for those kind of things ?
its possible cache videos too with LS cache ?
Do i need memo cache ? cant i just instal Redis instead ?
Do i need install a database like PhP if my website only gonna have a form and a video ?
Do i need watchdogs ?
After i get the information of my clients like email, name and phone watch solution do you recomend so i can get a email with that information and also my client get an email from me. do i need install watchdogs (not sure if is that the name)?
How i renew SSL with cyberpanel ?
i need get some kind of security for this kind of website ?
im scary if i need learn about security i watch some videos about security and they are very overwelming for someone that never used or work with linux like this video of 30 min of a guy instaling ubuntu without even instal cyberpanel or litespeed, im not confident that i can follow the video / website with all steps and make all steps right.
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I respect your wish for the best for everything, but the needs for your upcoming website are harmless. Don't think so complicated. Get Wordpress and LScache plugin for Wordpress and the control panel at your choice. (cPanel is recommended) With this 3 components you will get more as you ever need. Forget Redis, Watchdog and everything else. You don't need that. Set the focus on your business and SEO. The fastest website is worthless if your business model and SEO are bad.
@serpent_driver thanks for the tips im just scare to fuck things up and get my clients to get virus or get redirect to others websites you prob right since my focus gonna be just selling house on a simple landpage its better i just release the website without security and learn slowly in the process.

CPanel is better than CyberPanel ?