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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by felosi, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. felosi

    felosi New Member

    The new version when load gets real high due to attack or something it shows the latest log entries on all sites and on login panel.

    2009-08-17 00:10:25.641 [WARN] [] Running short of concurrent connections.
    2009-08-17 00:10:25.641 [INFO] Start listen socket [/tmp/lshttpd/admin_php.sock.055].
    2009-08-17 00:10:25.643 [INFO] [AdminPHP] pid list size: 1
    2009-08-17 00:10:25.643 [INFO] [AdminPHP] add child process pid: 29378
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  2. IrPr

    IrPr Member

    Im experiencing same exact bug!

    I got shocked when some customers opened ticket regarding error logs which is not related to them! they provide some snapshots that i get sure about the bug

    For example this is response for one of customers other that xxx VH visiting itself's VH, but its receiving a response which really not related to it

    2009-08-31 12:11:38.919 [INFO] [][ACL] Access to context [/] is denied!
    2009-08-31 12:11:38.920 [INFO] [] File not found [/home/xxx/public_html/403.shtml] 
    2009-08-31 12:11:38.921 [INFO] [][ACL] Access to context [/] is denied!
    2009-08-31 12:11:38.921 [INFO] [] File not found [/home/xxx/public_html/403.shtml] 
    2009-08-31 12:11:38.922 [INFO] [][ACL] Access to context [/] is denied!
    2009-08-31 12:11:38.922 [INFO] [] File not found [/home/xxx/public_html/403.shtml] 
    It responses random error log contents which to some VHs

    I tested many versions and im sure that log came after 4.0.6
    I switchet to any version from 4.0.7 to 4.0.10 but same exact issue, while 4.0.6 fixes that

    For now im forced to downgrade all my servers to 4.0.6 :(

    George please respond to this thread and let us know what you guess at least

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  3. IrPr

    IrPr Member

    No one !?
  4. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    We will have 4.0.11 to address them all.
  5. felosi

    felosi New Member

    George, when will this version be ready from update in litespeed admin?

    I am getting some users getting angry over having their site defaced with log excerpts lol. It doesnt happen to much - sometimes on restarts and all the time on high load so I consider this a critical update that we need pretty quickly.

  6. IrPr

    IrPr Member

    George, is this bug fixed in latest release? i don't see any related bugfix in the changelog
  7. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    I think so, no problem reported with 4.0.11 yet.

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