[solved] APC restarts often after upgrading from 4.1.13 to 4.2.4

Discussion in 'PHP' started by semprot, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. semprot

    semprot Member

    My APC restarts often after upgrading from 4.1.13 to 4.2.4.
    However i see that the litespeed itself "seems" not restarted (i checked the "uptime" from litespeed webserver > real time stats).

    How can you help me to analyze whether the restarts is indeed caused by the upgrade? :confused:


    Runtime Settings
    apc.cache_by_default	1
    apc.canonicalize	1
    apc.coredump_unmap	0
    apc.enable_cli	1
    apc.enabled	1
    apc.file_md5	0
    apc.file_update_protection	2
    apc.gc_ttl	3600
    apc.include_once_override	0
    apc.lazy_classes	0
    apc.lazy_functions	0
    apc.max_file_size	20M
    apc.mmap_file_mask	/home/apc/apc.kBOMYc
    apc.num_files_hint	1000
    apc.report_autofilter	0
    apc.rfc1867	0
    apc.rfc1867_freq	0
    apc.rfc1867_name	APC_UPLOAD_PROGRESS
    apc.rfc1867_prefix	upload_
    apc.rfc1867_ttl	3600
    apc.serializer	default
    apc.shm_segments	1
    apc.shm_size	7144M
    apc.slam_defense	1
    apc.stat	0
    apc.stat_ctime	0
    apc.ttl	0
    apc.use_request_time	1
    apc.user_entries_hint	400000
    apc.user_ttl	7200
    apc.write_lock	1
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  2. mistwang

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  3. semprot

    semprot Member

    I think i only use 1 global php.ini.

    About "runOnStartUp", is it a new feature that didn't exist on 4.1.13? (introduced after 4.1.13)
    Because when i used 4.1.13 everything was fine.

    Update: okay so what should i choose on run on start up box? "Yes" / "suExec Daemon"?
    I am trying to choose "suExec Daemon" now & restarted the LSWS :)

    Update 2: after watching for some minutes, APC uptime is still restarted to 0. Is there any other option that i should check?

    Update 3: I've tried to switch back to 4.1.13 but APC still flushed, so i've switched to 4.2.4 again, and its not because of the upgrade but something else.

    me@mybox [~]# free -m
    total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
    Mem:         12001       8549       3452          0        232       5398
    -/+ buffers/cache:       2918       9083
    Swap:         2047          0       2047
    Additional information : i use LSAPI_AVOID_FORK=1
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  4. NiteWave

    NiteWave Administrator

    please check the lsapi version, open a phpinfo() page, check the value of "Server API". if it's still 5.5, need rebuild lsphp with latest 6.3
  5. semprot

    semprot Member

    thanks it's been solved since lsphp is 6.3 even though i left "Run On Start Up" empty :)
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