[solved] Cache is being kept on server level

Using LiteSpeed 1.2.5 for PrestaShop

Default configuration, when the module is enabled, it behaves incorrect. Issus on home page can be "login" banner still being "login", even though I'm logged in, so it should display my "name" instead. But when I click on a product, it now displays my "name". As well if I logout, it can still display my "name" even though if I click on my account it will require credentials.

Seems that the current user is accessible for all, I logged in, and could access that user in incognito mode.

Disable all overrides is set to: Disable all overrides

Don't know if this has any to do with it.

It has nothing to do with PrestaShop caching, I disabled memcached and it still behaved like this with LiteSpeed.

I have similar PrestaShop configuration on another site, with LiteSpeed 1.2.3, and I don't experience these issues.


Staff member
Looks like some hole punching issue. Can you log a ticket with us? we might need tmp root ssh login, prestashop admin login and test user login and URL to test login.