[Solved] Can't stay logged into Wordpress with Cache Plugin

Discussion in 'Word Press' started by cool_recep, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. cool_recep

    cool_recep Well-Known Member

    I have a custom login page. I don't know if this is reatled to the problem but when I want to login with Chrome auto filling the login and password areas, Wordpress gives error: Password field can't be empty. Anyway, I type the password and login. Everything works fine. But when I click to see the web page in action, I am logged out and have to login again.

    SHould I disable login page caching ? Or is the problem related to plugin WPS Hide Login ?
  2. KevinFwu

    KevinFwu Administrator Staff Member


    Do you have a second cms installed using our plugin? It sounds like you have a conflicting cookie issue. (e.g. logged into one site then visit the other, caching the second cms with the login cookie)

  3. cool_recep

    cool_recep Well-Known Member

  4. KevinFwu

    KevinFwu Administrator Staff Member

    Could you check the htaccess files of wordpress and xenforo? At least one should have something that looks like:
    RewriteRule .? - [E=Cache-Vary:testcookie]
  5. cool_recep

    cool_recep Well-Known Member

    XF has:

    RewriteRule .* - [E="cache-vary:xf_style_id,xf_language_id,_my_xenforo_vary"]
  6. KevinFwu

    KevinFwu Administrator Staff Member

    Could you pm me temporary login for the wordpress site? Will see if I can determine anything from there.
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  7. cool_recep

    cool_recep Well-Known Member

    Solved "probably" by purging CloudFlare Cache.
  8. placestovisit

    placestovisit New Member

    My site has such problems like my


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