[solved] [ERROR] Unknown response from server

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by mars_taxi, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. mars_taxi

    mars_taxi New Member

    Hi guys!
    I am recently updating my Litespeed web server, and when I do that, I get this output:

    Checking for new release... [2010-08-08 14:45:14] [ERROR] Unknown response from server.

    Is there any manner that I can get update information automatically other than do that mannually?Thks.
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  2. HarrySX

    HarrySX New Member

    Anybody got a fix for this?

    An installation of LSWS isn't automatically updating. /usr/local/lsws/autoupdate/update.log is full of the following:

    It appears it has NEVER been automatically updated.
  3. NiteWave

    NiteWave Administrator

    what's your lsws version?

    #/usr/local/lsws/bin/lshttpd -v
  4. HarrySX

    HarrySX New Member

    This server is running 4.1.4.

  5. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    If you can PM me a temp root access, we can take a look see what is wrong.
  6. HarrySX

    HarrySX New Member

    Kindly check your inbox, thank you.
  7. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    It is caused by a bug in early release. fixed in 4.1.7.
    And you can also run
    /usr/local/lsws/bin/lshttpd -U

    from command line to check new release.
  8. HarrySX

    HarrySX New Member

    Thank you very much.

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