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Discussion in 'LiteSpeed Cache Module for PrestaShop' started by Andrew Fickling, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Andrew Fickling

    Andrew Fickling New Member

    First off - awesome plugin! This has made a massive difference to the speed of our site and was super easy to set up, so thanks!
    However, there's a slight problem that I'm struggling with ...
    I have set certain modules to not display on mobile in the Prestashop back office (the key one being the default Prestashop home page slider which is content-heavy).
    Unfortunately, with LiteSpeed switched on, I'm getting these modules appearing on mobile.
    I've tried switching off Guest Mode, but that didn't seem to make a difference. I don't really want to not cache the whole home page (seems to defeat the object!)
    I guess I could do all the mobile tweaking through CSS, but I was hoping to avoid that (and I don't know whether a display: none still loads the content anyway).
    The site is here: https://accessoriesforthehome.co.uk
    Any pointers gratefully appreciated,
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  2. Andrew Fickling

    Andrew Fickling New Member

    PS - also tried the 'Separate mobile view' option, but that didn't change anything.
  3. Andrew Fickling

    Andrew Fickling New Member

    Hi again - no issue. I hadn't cleared the cache (!) after disabling the module for mobile.
    Working OK now.
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