[Solved] How to make LiteSpeed LScache Plugin for Wordpress avif ready?

Oh, you even interested me) But first, correct the typo in line 454
You didn't even check it)) (not surprised, knowing your self-confidence)
    echo $AwrImagickVersio;
Ok, done.
Now it's can't see my ImageMagick 6.9.11-60, because of missing IonCube on php 8.2, which now it's requires.
Then we go to plugin requirements and look for ioncube.
Then we draw conclusions.

Lol, i wrote, that i already have ImageMagick, which is included in php 8.2. What the "you just have to activate the corresponding imagick extension"?))
I haven't only ioncube on php 8.2, how you reading? In requirements no one word about ioncube, thats was been conclusions.


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You don't have to make fun of the process. It's enough if you post error messages because that's the only thing of general interest.

The AWR plugin is open source and therefore complies with the GPL. However, this does not apply to WordPress and GPL-independent code, which WordPress neither uses nor includes for the AWR plugin. If the AWR plugin does not use open source for certain standalone scripts, then on the one hand this is for security reasons and on the other hand it does not violate the GPL.

Happy LiteSpeeding ;)
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In order to be able to use the AWR plugin to generate avif images and use it for the LiteSpeed LScache plugin for WordPress, so that you can carry out the image conversion on your own server, slightly higher system requirements are required. Although these requirements are usually standard on conventional hosting, there are hostings with OpenLiteSpeed. Unfortunately, when you install OLS, not all modules for the AWR plugin are installed automatically and must be reinstalled if necessary. To ensure that all modules required for the AWR plugin are installed, it is strongly recommended to run the AWR Tester before installing the AWR plugin. The current version of the AWR plugin is now available to download the AWR tester and can be downloaded at: https://www.cachecrawler.com/WP-Plugins/WP-Plugin-avif-webp-Replacement::6574.html .

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