[SOLVED] Reduce Security Logging

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by innovot, Aug 24, 2014.

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    we have LSWS working nicely with ModSecurity but it is generating a huge amount of logging like the following

    2014-08-24 08:33:53.219 [INFO] [86.XXXXXXX:34896-0#APVH_www.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX] [SECURITY] [ID:340362] match [REQUEST_HEADERS:Content-Encoding] against pattern [^Identity$], result: 0
    2014-08-24 08:33:53.219 [INFO] [86.1XXXXXX:34896-0#APVH_www.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX] [SECURITY] [ID:333793] match [REQUEST_METHOD] against pattern [@pm TRACE TRACK CONNECT], result: 0

    within the LSWS configuration I have set the logging level to NOTICE but that has not reduced it. How do we change so that it only logs when a ModSecurity rule hits please ?

    Thank you.
  2. innovot

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    Bump ?
  3. innovot

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    SecDebugLogLevel 1
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    nice tip!
  5. Michael

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    Thanks for posting the answer once you'd solved the question. Sorry weren't able to get around to it in time.



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