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Hello Litespeed and users,
I have a question about WordPress Multisite, Network Admin, CDN and .htaccess.
I have my multisite running on Litespeed Web Server with the Litespeed Cache plugin.

Question Network Admin:
I noticed that i have no Litespeed options in the netwotk admin.
Is that normal? And so yes why don't i have options in the network admin? Because if i go to the main or subsite of my Multisite network i see the option "Use Network Admin Setting"
but i don't have Network Admin Setting. Or is that the one on my main site?
And is it possible to use settings network wide? So that only i can set settings in the Network Admin and that it is the same for all subsites? Because now you can change the settings on each subsite.

Question CDN:
On the CDN settings page i can add a CDN url and a original url. What do i fill in in the original url if i have a multisite network. I see the wildcard option. Is that only for my main site and subdomains? Or will it also work if clients use domain mapping and map their own domain to the subdomain?
Question .htaccess:
Upon creating my multisite my .htaccess was not created automatically. I added a .htaccess file and the wordpress network setting myself to wp-config and .htaccess. The settings in the picture
are all the settings in my .htaccess. There are no rules for the Litespeed Cache plugin? I read in this post https://blog.litespeedtech.com/2017/07/26/wpw-rewrite-rules-in-the-proper-order/ that are must be rules in .htaccess? Now it seems like the plugin is not writing to my .htaccess. But it seems to work fine. Should i add rules to my .htaccess for the Litespeed cache plugin? And what do i add?

Regards, Guido
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Hi Guido,

1. About Network Admin question, did you use "MU-plugin" plugin? Some client just use that plugin and not able to see the network admin. My multi-site does not has the issue whether using version 1.7 or 1.6.
2. About CDN, each site still has different path. I think it will not conflict. Did you get any issue on CDN?
3. Rules should add automatically. You shouldn't add manually for plugin. Which method did you check that cache is working? Did you see any `litespeed cache miss/hit` from response header?
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Hi Eric,

Thanks for your response
It was a problem with the plugin not installed right. After updating the plugin evrything worked fine.
Als o the writing to .htaccess works fine now.
For the CDN i found another solution.

Thanks so kuch for your help.

Regards, Guido