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    I figured I would post some of these stats to show how litespeed truly enables you to host more sites and high traffic sites. Due to privacy reasons I wont disclose the domains but I will give a brief run down.

    These are stats for november, all shared accounts

    Here is also load stats from hostsentry, I know the guy is still working on teh scripts but still shows load accurately

    sl - my main server. Dual quad core xeon 5335, 6gb ram. Litespeed 2-cpu license
    There is quite a few high and semi-high traffic sites on the server, I just picked out the busiest ones. HERE is hostsentry load graphs
    Client 1 - high traffic php/mysql cms and forum
    Client 2 - High traffic vbulletin forum and big static site with lots of images
    Client 3 - Vbulletin forum with amember subscription scripts

    cp server - high risk server, sites under all types of attack all the time. These stats only show legit traffic as most is blocked before the requests gets through via throttling, network protections, and mod security. 2-cpu lsws license
    HERE is hostsentry load profile
    Client 1 - High traffic joomla/smf site
    Client 2 - investment site
    About 20 other high risk sites on this server

    (continued due to image limit)
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    cp2 - same description as
    Client 1 - anime subscription site
    Client 2 - foreign forum

    And here is one that defintely shows an amazing result

    This is a dedicated server for a super high traffic anime site. ranked about 7 k on alexa. Uses vbulletin and joomla. Server is only one dual core xeon, older model 2.4ghz I think with only 1 gb of ram! And to beat it all site is under attack nearly always. 1-cpu lsws license

    Normally one would have to use 2 servers for such a site. I did have to do quite a bit of mysql tuning but server does great, keeps an average load of .7 to 1

    There are plenty more sites with as much or near the amount of traffic these get thats not listed. And some may argue they are not really that high traffic, maybe not but I am able to host these people on shared hosting besides the last one listed.

    Point being I can host much more sites, much more high traffic sites, and sites in high stress situations.

    George will even tell you that on my high risk servers at any given time there is 2 to 4 sites under attack always.

    I could not do what I do and offer the type of service I do without litespeed. Most of my clients have came to me from overseller hosts or they have ddos problems. And to this day there is only 2 I have not been able to help.

    Someone would have to have a really crappy script in order for it to run heavy on a litespeed server. Or something too mysql intensive perhaps.

    So if anyone else has any high traffic sites they host please post em. I will add more when I got time.

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