Strange Litespeed Error

Discussion in 'General' started by epochdude, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. epochdude

    epochdude New Member

    I'm getting these strange errors in my litespeed admin panel...

    WARN Your license key will expire in -438 days, renew your license key before it expires, hurry up!
  2. WebZ777

    WebZ777 Member

    It seems you have nulled version, you didn't download it from, I am sure this is not helpdesk for ppl iwth nulled versions
  3. epochdude

    epochdude New Member

    What does 'nulled' mean?
  4. capbiker

    capbiker Active Member

    Nulled, is another way of saying a illegal copy. Basic a nulled software is where somebody have changed it so that other people are able to use it without any licenses checks, or expirys dates etc. So Litespeed isn't get any money back for the service that they offer.


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