Strange problem with home page caching

Hi team.

For over a year i used LiteSpeed Web Server in version 5.2.2. and all works fine. On the last update of cpanel, demand to update LWS το version 5.3.6, so it will be upgraded to its latest version.

I select 5.3.6, i restart the litespeed and then a very strange problem with home page caching appears.

After a while, the home page of my site (only on desktops) doesn't load. On mobile devices the home page loading normally. All others pages loading normally, both in desktop and mobile devices. I selected to Cache Mobile separately from the settings of LiteSpeed Cache wordpress plugin (

This bug fixed only if i restart LWS fron cpanel. Then, home page on desktops works normally for a while, and then the bug appears again and the home page didn't loading.

Also, the bugs appears only to visitors (non logged-in users) of my site. The home page works/load normally to logged-in users.

The bugs appears and if i select LWS v5.3.5. I can't select the v5.2.2 because if i do, appears 403 error to all pages on my site.

As a temporary solution i have chosen not to cache the home page of my website.

I use:
Wordpress 5.1
LiteSpeed Web Server 5.3.6 (build 6)
LiteSpeed Cache wordpress plugin
Control panel: WHM v78.0.16
PHP: 7.0

Did you have any solution for this bug?
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