The Joomla plugin is not working as it should


I have been using Litespeed Cache for a couple of months and the results are positive for the speed of websites, but not for cache management. The Joomla plugin does not work as it should and the behavior is not that described in the documentation

"The smart auto-purge feature minimizes cache management needs. No more worrying about synchronization problems. LSCJoomla will detect that you changed an article, you changed a menu setting, or you changed a module setting. Then, it will automatically purge related pages. This gives you the freedom to set a longer cache expiration time and improve visitor experience, confident that the cache will be purged when the relevant content or setting changes."
This is not true: the entire cache is purged inappropriately following a series of events such as:

Updating an article (post) or a menu item: instead of deleting the cache of the related page, the entire cache is purged, with loss of performance on the whole website

cache content edited.png

Updating a module assigned to a single page: instead of deleting the module cache or / and the related page, the entire cache is purged, with loss of performance on the whole website

purge cache after saved 1 module.png

Updating the Sitemap or even a single Title tag of a page with JSitemap component: why is the entire cache purged?

cache jsitemap.png

Setting up or changing a 301 redirect: why is all cache flushed?

These are just some of the cases that come to my mind, the case history is large and the cache is purged improperly following a lot of events such as those described, damaging the performance of the website.

In short, it's not quite what I expected after reading the promises of Litespeed and paying to get it.

A question for Joomla users: do you have the same experience on your websites?

A question for the plugin developers: are you aware of these bugs? Are you working to solve them or do Joomla users have to manage by themselves?

Thanks and regards
I think you're doing something wrong.

When saving one single article, only the cache of that one single article will be purged (along with the cache of the related category).

There is an issue in the LScache plugin when saving a Menu Item will purge all cache, which hopefully will be fixed soon, however there is no issue with saving articles or modules like you're describing.

From what I can see in your screenshots, it says "Cleaned Cache (x MB)". This is NOT a message from the LScache plugin. I think you're using another Cache Plugin that is set to clear all Cache automatically when saving objects. Is it Cache Cleaner from Regular Labs?
hi Andy,

Thank you for your answer. Yes, I confirm that I have this option on Cache Cleaner from Regular Labs that I'm going to change.

I would be really happy to be able to solve the problem so easily. I observe what happens by changing this setting and then I will update my post

Well I tried this cache for several months too with different sites and I gave up today forever, different hostings and different settings trying to make it work with many Joomla extensions but it doesnt work for example with EasySocial 3.2.14 and other system plugins as well.

So I skipped this cache plg and use a combination of JotCache plg, async and defer plg, server cache plg with http2 push that make my site cache work as it should and loading very fast finally. Goodbye LScache for Joomla! Its not worth spending anymore time with you!


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The issues you describe are not caused by LScache plugin. LScache is a webserver based fullpage HTTP cache engine. Cache plugin for Joomla is only a control panel to manage webserver based cache engine. This plugin doesn't cache anything. If this plugin doesn't work for you as you expect it, then ask yourself why. You run Joomla with a number of extension. Every extension changes/adds functions and the behaviour of Joomla, but how should LScache plugin know what each extension is good for? LScache plugin can only know default functions, but not functions from 3rd parties. So, the problem isn't LScache plugin, you are the problem, because you expect something what no software is able.
Thansk for your answer "but how should LScache plugin know what each extension is good for? " thats exactly why this is goodbye and goodnight with this Joomla extension that is a plugin and doesnt work.

I have other cache solutions thats work so dont worrry. I have worked with Joomla since 2005 and did web development since 1995.

You dont have to explain for me how and what is wrong about this plg or cache solution whatever explanation you do. It doesnt work with standard Joomla extensions in a productions environment that is tested for 2 years..