The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/2017/07.

My problem is I can't upload any files after host my website, I got an error like The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/2017/07.
I set Permission to all folders ( changing permissions of folders: uploads , 2017 and 07 folders , i even changed the wp-content to 777 and ) and error still existing. i'm running WordPress with LiteSpeed and i've tried eveything on the internet concerning the wordpress settings or the permissions on the ftp .. so it's more likely to be litespeed causing this problem ...
Any help gonna be much appreciate.
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you can switch to apache, see if the issue exists.
this is the quickest way to identify it's a litespeed specific issue.
Hey NiteWave i forgot to mention that , when i change to apache ( ++ set the "uploads" folder permissions to 777 ) i'm able to upload media .. if i dont change folder and the within directories permissions i still have the same problem ..
I would like to thank NiteWave and slach for this post (sorry for reply on it being old) i had been trying to solve this problem for over 10 hrs labor and turning that setting off fixed the sites

note if someone else has this issue summery of symptoms
works in Apache no issue
word press on on many sites forces ftp even if direct upload was setup on database
711, 744, 771, 774, 777 all will not fix the problem
issue true of any upload, change, update to any and all (media, themes, and plugins)
on some sites with 777 i could upload a pic but there was NO image that would show in WP (regardless of file type)
With above edit mode also showed blank

note if wp upload issue check it was not my issue but similar symptoms