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    I noticed this before on whmcs on my site but the problem is it times out on some apps that apache doesnt.
    On WHMCS account creation it usually timesout instantly but maybe something on that script that litespeed doesnt like. I noticed that it was using the timeout in the httpd.conf over the one in litespeed admin.

    But the major thing is scripts like mailing lists, anything that shows a lot of data. Like I have one customer who had some refferal site where people go in and look at their refferals, if you have a lot then it takes the page a while to load it will time out on litespeed. Same on mailing lists as it takes a while to send all teh mail ya know litespeed will do a 503 connection timeout.

    It looks like it following the timeout in config but a script that has to load over that will time out. On apache it doesnt do that, lets the script run its course

    Has anyone had any problems with scripts like this on litespeed?
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    Thanks,. I didnt even think to check those settings

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