Unable to set Object Cache (Redis and Memcache) settings on WordPress Multisite

I can't set Object Cache on WordPress Multisite. I want to set the Redis and Memcache settings.
My multisite is very slow despite only 2 subsites created, but other sites without multisite run very fast.
you might want to choose either Redis or Memcache, but both.
So what's error did you see?
Here's a guide that might help, https://www.litespeedtech.com/suppo...ll_memcached_lscmd_or_redis_and_php_extension

Usually, LSCache is the key to make your site load fast, not sure if Object Cache can help much in this case. Have you installed any LSCache for your WordPress site yet?
Thanks, Eric, I have installed LSCache for my WordPress site, the site is Multisite and all settings are working except that I can't see the Object Cache Tab in Cache Settings. I have my website on VPS and other websites on the same VPS runs faster as expected, but this multisite with just 2 subsites are just too slow to respond, some times it takes about 3 seconds to start responding.