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    Would you like to Upgrade, Reinstall or Change directory [U/r/c]? U
    Contacting licensing server ...
    2018-05-22 19:31:44.189 [NOTICE] Memory size is: 3854816KB.
    2018-05-22 19:31:44.484 [ERROR] [LICENSE] License key operation failure: LR.R.lic.p_reg_serial_next_seq: Max number reached
    [ERROR] Sorry, installation will abort without a valid license key.
    For evaluation purpose, please obtain a trial license key from our web
    site http://www.litespeedtech.com, copy it to this directory
    and run Installer again.
    If a production license has been purchased, please copy the serial number
    from your confirmation email to this directory and run Installer again.
    Please remember to set ftp to BINARY mode when you ftp trial.key from
    another machine.
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    Probably this serial is used on another server, you can go to your client area to release it first. If you still have problem, please create a ticket with license department.

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