Upgrading to php7.*

Hi Guys,

I am trying to upgrade to the latest safe version of php. I accessed the server through root at the command line. If I run the correct command it confirms that php7.* is now active on the server.

However my wordpress install says Im still running php5.4 and advises me to upgrade.

I have 4 websites on the server and am currently only trying to upgrade one of the 4 to php 7

Once I achieve the upgrade with one I will move forward on the others.

Can you please offer some advice on how to get the one domain to run on php7.*, I think there is some way to do this in the litespeed dashboard ?


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It depends on how you installed php. Do you use control panel like cpanel? you can configure through multi_PHP manager there.


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You can just follow the example in the wiki with little tweak: for example, fo "Address" . "
uds://tmp/lshttpd/lsphp72.sock (72 depend on which version installed)

Can you let us know where may be unclear to you in the wiki? we can improve them. ask more specific, better.