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Discussion in 'PHP' started by Hologramm, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Hologramm

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    Heya All,

    Currently i do an project for a customer, well he needs/want a upload progressbar on this project, i already have a php/perl script which is working on Apache but i use Litespeed now a long time and my Customer thinks about to buy the 4core lsws version for his new project, but the problem is like on other threads 1 year ago said that lsws gives the requests out to the backend after the request is complete so a uploadbar isnt possible , i tried to set I/O Buffer to 0 but doesnt work , so anyone any idea how to make that possible ?
  2. mistwang

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    It won't work. it requires a upload progress module built into the server. It is on our to-do list. It will be able to parse AJAX request, and build the response exactly like the response from backend processor. So, it will work with any upload progress bar package written in any language.

    What does the AJAX request and reply that querys the progress look like?
  3. mrman

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    I'm also trying to get something similar working.

    I currently have a working php/javascript only progress bar running under apache but it doesn't respond when using litespeed. The file is still uploaded but the requests to update the progress bar don't seem to work as they should.

    I can pm you an address to check the behaviour (of both apache & litespeed) if that helps


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