.user.ini not being read anymore on dev and new servers

Discussion in 'PHP' started by DaveK, May 10, 2017.

  1. DaveK

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    I've been running Litespeed on a live application now for a year or so with no issues, and have an almost duplicate setup on my development platform which was working fine as well. For some reason my development platform is no longer reading local .user.ini files with an include_path and date.timezone being set. I've also setup 2 new webhosting platforms for the company I work for to migrate a considerable amount of sites to and I can't get .user.ini files working on those either. Both are running Litespeed enterprise as a Plesk Extension.

    I've been looking at the Litespeed admin configuration between the live and dev platform and can't see any differences, the only major one being the live running Enterprise and the dev running Standard. However it was working fine under Standard previously. Live is running 5.1.9 ent and dev is running 5.0.17 std. Neither has been updated and I don't even see std on downloads anymore?

    For the live servers I never did any specific configuration to them to get .user.ini working, it was always fine. No special parameters.
  2. Pong

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    Which plesk version do you use? Can we have access to your server to take a look? You can log a ticket with tmp root access.
  3. DaveK

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    The 2 new servers are Plesk Onyx latest stable builds. The legacy server with the application working with .user.ini is not using plesk, nor is the dev platform.What kind of access do you require for the plesk servers? Do you just want to access the litespeed admin? Or do you need full root SSH?

    I can also provide access to phpinfo() for the live application server and the plesk server.
  4. Pong

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    full tmp root ssh if possible, you can log a ticket with us by providing such information and detailed steps to reproduce the issue.
  5. DaveK

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    Ticket has been created, thanks.
  6. NiteWave

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