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    ssmtp and phpbb

    hi all i just installed ssmtp and works fine with wordpress but not work in phpbb forum, i`m using latest version of litespeed std and i need to know where i can find the php.ini file to activate "extension=php_openssl.dll"
    i tryed this command

    /usr/local/lsws/fcgi-bin/lsphp5 -i | grep php.ini to find my location of the php.ini file but in /usr/local/lsws/lsphp5/lib no php.ini file

    I solved ssl and ssmtp is working now just fine, recompiled PHP from lsws admin console added before build --with-openssl and --enable-openssl
    But i still can't find the right location for php.ini ... to change post_max_size
    I founded an php.ini in /usr/local/lsws/php/php.ini edit post_max_size, upload_max_filesize and memory_limit after then restart lsws and nothing change also in /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc and in /usr/local/lsws/admin/conf changed still 2m upload max size in wordpress, any help please?

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