vhconf charecter limit or number of lines limit?

Discussion in 'General' started by slimecrab, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. slimecrab

    slimecrab Member

    i've created a vhconf file with 1517 lines

    1470 of them are RawriteRules

    the rest are whitespace or other necessary xml configuration

    on line 1517 my redirect gets cut off after the first four charecters of what i am trying to redirect to, for instance:

    RewriteRule ^/[^/]+/16637085/?(.*) http://www.cnn.com

    the redirect does not work, and the error log shows this: => Result URI: 'http'

    where as for all the the other working rewrite rules it says => Result URI: 'http://www.cnn.com/'

    i changed the http://www.cnn.com to just "blahhhhh" and the error log showed the result uri as "blah" so its just cutting off the redirection target after 4 charecters

    anymore rawrite rules i write after this line are completely ignored, and the logs dont even show me trying to hit them when i put them in my browser.

    is there a maximum charecter limit in the vhconf file, or a maximum line limit, or something like that?

    i was using standard but upgraded to enterprise demo to see if that would help and i have the same issue there.

    can anyone help? i'm baffled.
  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Yes, there is a limit for each configuration entry. We will increase the limit in next release.

    But, 1470 lines of rewrite rules is too much, It will slowdown the server a lot. If possible, you can use a rewrite map to simplify the rewrite rules, and it will run a lot faster.
  3. slimecrab

    slimecrab Member

    could you explain what this limit is and how it works exactly?

    if its a limit for "each configuration entry", and not a "total number of entries" then this wouldnt be causing my problem, because the redirect lines im using are as short as possible


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