virtual server don't start automatically in 1.5.8

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by pjnodar, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. pjnodar

    pjnodar New Member

    I have installed new 1.5.8 version under RH9, things go well but i have a severe problem with starting virtual host using lswsctrl.

    When i use "lswsctrl start" server starts but no virtual host.

    I must to go manually to Web Administration Interface and start virtual server manually in Service Manager :(

    Is there any option i don't see, or is a bug?

    PS: With anterior versions i have no this problem.
  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Thank you for the bug report.

    You mean virtual hosts are "disabled" by default, right? How many virtual host do you have? All are disabled?

    There are two "hidden" configuration parameters that can disable a virtual host. please check lsws/conf/httpd_config.xml, if there is a <enabled>0</enabled> entry under virtual host configuration, please remove it or change it to 1.

    Then check the respective virtual host configuration file, if there is a <enabled>0</enabled> entry under <virtualHostConfig> section, please remove it or change it to 1.

    Best regards,
    George Wang
  3. pjnodar

    pjnodar New Member

    Thank you for your fast reply.

    Initially i do tests with only one virtual host, but later to do test i use two virtual hosts with the same results, all disabled by default.

    The only way do get virtual hosts running is using "Reload" in the -virtual host- section of Service Manager.

    I have no <enabled>X</enabled> in any *.xml config file

    Also i have manually put <enabled>1</enabled> in *.xml files (adecuate sections in my sense) to see if any effect, but i get the same results.

    Any other "hidden" option?


    -Small bug- Also in service manager "Restart" server don't work (Reload yes) and i have do to at command line.
  4. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    There is no other "hidden" configurations. :)
    I think it probably has some thing to do with your installation. Can you please try a clean reinstallation if possible, and please post content of error.log with debug level set to "high".

    You can also try our to be released 2.0RC2, it should be very stable.

    Best regards,
    George Wang
  5. pjnodar

    pjnodar New Member

    Well, i have done a 100% new clean installation.... same results :(

    error.log have no interesting info, all seems normal.

    Ok, i'll try 2.0RC2
  6. pjnodar

    pjnodar New Member

    ok installed 2.0RC2 under RH9 100% clean default installation (tested in 2 different machines)

    SAME RESULTS :shock:

    But look error.log when i MANUALLY reload virtual host ***

    2004-09-20 15:01:06.533 [NOTICE] Loading LiteSpeed/2.0RC2 Standard ...
    2004-09-20 15:01:06.540 [NOTICE] Loading configuration from /opt/lsws/conf/httpd_config.xml ...
    2004-09-20 15:01:06.541 [INFO] old priority: 0, new priority: 0
    2004-09-20 15:01:06.541 [INFO] [config:server:basic] For better obscurity, server version number is
    hidden in the response header.
    2004-09-20 15:01:06.547 [NOTICE] The maximum number of file descriptor limit is set to 1200.
    2004-09-20 15:01:06.549 [NOTICE] Successfully change current user to nobody
    2004-09-20 15:01:06.550 [NOTICE] Core dump is disabled.
    2004-09-20 15:01:06.550 [NOTICE] Setup swapping space...
    2004-09-20 15:01:06.550 [NOTICE] LiteSpeed/2.0RC2 Standard starts successfully!
    2004-09-20 15:01:06.550 [NOTICE] [AutoRestarter] new child process with pid=25797 is forked!
    2004-09-20 15:02:26.607 [NOTICE] Reload configuration for virtual host Example! ***
    2004-09-20 15:02:26.608 [ERROR] [/opt/lsws/DEFAULT/conf/vhconf.xml:21] mismatched tag ***
    2004-09-20 15:02:26.608 [ERROR] [config:vhost:Example] cannot load configure file - /opt/lsws/DEFAULT/conf/vhconf.xml ! ***

    I manually checked vhconf.xml and all things seems normal.

    Also, when i go to web interface->Server configuration->Virtual Host->Example to see things, the next error appears in top page:

    "ERROR: failed to parse xml/opt/lsws/DEFAULT/conf/vhconf.xml "

    :idea: RH9 problems with last versions??

    PS:I remember you that with older LiteSpeed versions i have 0 problems under the same machines with RH9
  7. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    There is an error when we add a new entry in the DEFAULT virtual host configuration, please add a "/" to terminate the xml tag "compressArchive>", should looks like
    It should work.

    Sorry about that, the new release will be stablized very soon. :)
  8. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    2.0RC2 packages has been updated, please download again.
  9. cagdas70

    cagdas70 New Member


    How can i learn my Web Administration Interface user name and password?

    is it written in a file in server?

    thank you for your helps
  10. xing

    xing LiteSpeed Staff

    I believe it's under the admin/conf directory. It's is stored as a hash so you will not be able to see the plaintext version.

    The easiest way to reset it is to to download the latest lsws package and perform an upgrade at which time it will giv eyou the option to reest the admin password.

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