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Discussion in 'General' started by Nin-lil-izi, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Nin-lil-izi

    Nin-lil-izi New Member

    I am currently running LSWS on my OpenVZ VPS.
    This is currently running with 1GB Guaranteed RAM & 1GB Burst.

    Now, I am unsure how this relates to the VPS licensing restrictions.
    Firstly although the VPS reports a total ram of 2GB, only the 1GB guaranteed ram is ever available for use. For all purposes it is a VPS with only 1GB of RAM.

    Now initially the VPS licensing page stated a maximum of 1GB of RAM installed, and has been working fine without issue.
    Now recently I have been receiving daily Max ram should be less than 1.5GB and shall be enforced at next update.

    I have spent the last day discussing with my host, the possibility of either reducing or killing the burst ram. But there stance is that under a normal configuration, burst ram must be twice guaranteed ram. Regardless of if that ram is available or not.

    Now, having just looked at the VPS license page. It now states that the VPS should have less than 2GB total RAM available. Now I'm not sure at all what the limit is I have to fit inside.

    As the VPS is for my personal use only, I have everything essential (ns, mail, www, sql, etc) all crammed on the one box to keep the cost down. With some heavy tweaking its currently fitting nicely inside of 1GB.

    Reducing the guaranteed ram to 756MB that would be required to fit in the 1.5GB total limit would create a painful ram shortage. Actual load is average between 800-900MB in use.

    My reason for using LSWS in the first place, beyond the performance boost that makes the web content feel so smooth. Is that it achieves this while requiring much less RAM than the Apache setup it replaced. Hence my VPS footprint shrunk enough to offset the cost of the VPS licence.

    tl;dr What is the actual upper RAM limit going to be?
    Also, will it take into account OpenVZ VPS where the total ram reported by the OS is much (x2) higher than what the VPS really has in way of Guaranteed RAM?

    So I can figure if its practical to continue to use LSWS. There is no way I could afford the more expensive licence, especially for just a couple of tiny personal sites. I'm already paying out more than I would normally deem justifiable for a vanity product in loading pages a bit faster that mainly only I notice.
  2. Nin-lil-izi

    Nin-lil-izi New Member

    I appear to have posted this in the wrong thread,
    could somebody please move it to the webserver general forum please?
  3. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    The latest build of 4.0.13 has 2GB limit, just do a force reinstall to upgrade to the latest. Or wait for the 4.0.14 build.
  4. Nin-lil-izi

    Nin-lil-izi New Member

    But what about the 1.5GB limit will be enforced next version mails I'm receiving everyday?

    Is the limit about to drop?
    Or am I safe on my VPS?
  5. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    The limit is going to be 2GB, we raised the limit, it will be enforced.

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