vps litespeed gives 503 error w/cpanel

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by spirogg, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. spirogg

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    "Yes we are waiting for Litespeed next update, problem is that we cannot use Litespeed stable version 4.0 as phpmotion do not work with it so we are waiting for 4.1 next release probably RC3 and LSAPI 5.4
    once its out we will do internal testing with phpmotion and let you know how it goes."

    this was from my host imageleet.com i have a vps server with them..
    using cpanel with litespeed for vps. it kept giving 503 error busy try again..

    has anyone had this problem Im usung phpmotion video script latest ver 3.5

    I really like litespeed it is so much faster than just php! :(

    is there going to be an update soon like above ?? can anyone help or is there a work around I can give my host provers or I can do ??

    Spiro G
  2. NiteWave

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    Looking at System Requirements of phpmotion:
    It's not likely need 4.1RC3 or LSAPI 5.4.
    The php requirement is minimum.
    any further detail?
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  3. spirogg

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    already had it working ??

    Hi thanks for replying.. we already had it working on imageleet.com shared hosting with cpanel then I moved up to a vps with cpanel with imageleet.com and the lightspeed for vps was not working right ?? 503 errors every 2nd or 3rd click ??

    what do you suggest i do ??
    wait or can is there a fix ??

    sorry using php5.2.13
  4. spirogg

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    im sorry im kinda new to all the servewr / vps stuff.. if you need more info maybe i can pm u my vps login and you can see what i have for php apache and all ??

    thanks sorry to bother anyone here just i really loved the speed of litespeed.. and resources were down to a minumum..

  5. spirogg

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    @NiteWave Thank you soooooooooooooooo much :)
  6. spirogg

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    @NiteWave I just purchased one byself I pm'd details

    sorry for the delay that's what I was doing..

    thanks again for the help
  7. spirogg

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    AGAIN @NiteWave truley I am sorry I redid through pay pal but I am not verified there either ... didn't read the fine print!!! so I am stuck waiting to get verified from litespeedtech so I am TRUELY TRUELY SAD :( TO SAY I COULD NOT GET IT TILL TOMORROW IM SURE...

    I could only HOPE YOU will still HELP ME tomorrow if you can PLease ???

    thanks again I understand if you cannot... thank you either way'
    Spiro G

    here are attachments

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  8. spirogg

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    firefox 3-6 offcenter and editor won't show?

    here is a picture of what i get when I click on close and open little images
    also sometimes it's missing the editor box drop downs etc.. ??
    ie8 ok
    google chrome ok

    only FireFox 3.6 ??
    here is other images
    >>>even when logged in as user<<<

    seems ok when there are comments though ??

    I don't have any other browsers to try but will download them

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  9. spirogg

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    if you click on the small arrow button in the comments section that's when it does it

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  10. spirogg

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    seems to work fine on test template and site with all IE - Chrome - Firefox

    thank you and sorry for the Headache

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