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Prestashop / Default-bootstrap theme / Host: O2switch with LiteSpeed Web server / Prestashop lscache module V1.2.5 / No separate mobile version / Browser : Chrome : Version 72.0.3626.121 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

Website : https://www.mangalatitude.fr/

I wanted to disable a module on mobile.See attachment for module

After disabling this module for the mobile version in the prestashop back office, I purge the cache of the product pages in the prestashop lscache module.

But he always appeared on mobile.

I then uninstall and even delete the module of my shop but the module still appears on some pages of my site in desktop version and on the mobile version.Look at the attachment to see the deleted module but still appear.

I purged several the cache of the product pages, I purged the prestashop cache, I erased cookies, history and cached data from my browser but the problem persists.

The module appears on some product pages and not on others :

For example, It appears on https://www.mangalatitude.fr/naruto/8721-naruto-figuarts-zero-kakashi-hatake-susanoo-kizuna-relation.html

But It don't appear on https://www.mangalatitude.fr/dragon-ball-z/8727-super-saiyan-broly-full-power-dragon-ball-super-movie.html

I do not know what to do to solve the problem.

Help from Litespeed team would be welcome

Thank you for help


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already a ticket for this issue #955463 - Prestashop Version Mobile, will work on the ticket to check further then.