Will LiteSpeed support ClassicPress ? - A fork of WordPress without Gutenberg


Is LiteSpeed supporting ClassicPress?
ClassicPress is a fork of WordPress without Gutenberg and I currently use it instead of WordPress.
For future planning purposes, is LiteSpeed considering supporting ClassicPress (classicpress.net) ?

Cheers, Roald


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Hi Eric,

Thanks for your reply - the fork version is WordPress 4.9.9.
I was wondering how long newer versions of LiteSpeed cache plugin will stay backward compatible with the older WordPress 4.9.9

Cheers Roald
Hi all,

As a user of ClassicPress, I've been discussing ClassicPress hosting with my provider. They have a dedicated WordPress hosting service but they are also keen to add support for ClassicPress - as am I of course. Their system depends very much on the LSCache plugin and compatibility with ClassicPress is a key issue here. At present, it's not a problem because ClassicPress is a fork of WordPress 4.9.9 and, for the time being at least, LSCache is still compatible with WP4.9. However, there will undoubtedly come a time when this is no longer the case.

ClassicPress is growing in popularity all the time. What I would really like to see is for LiteSpeed to commit to maintaining compatibility not just with WP4.9.9, but more importantly, current and future versions of ClassicPress.

It's not just end users such as myself that would benefit, but the increasing number of hosting providers that support ClassicPress on LiteSpeed too.

I'd be grateful if LiteSpeed could give this due consideration.

Thank you