WordPress or PHP? what should I choose?

Hello Everyone,

My current business website is built with custom PHP, but now I want to redesign it so my partner is suggesting me to go for WordPress this time. Basically I owner multiple stores and my partner convincing me because he found a store finder wordpress plugin and this plugin is a perfect solution for all my business need. P.S: WordPress Development is cost-efficient as compared with custom build website on PHP?
You can find exactly the same with Joomla, who is not a gas factory.
JSP Store Locator
Easy Store Locator
(and I have sites both under Wordpress and joomla)
Take a good look around before making your decision, wordpress is not so good as it seems for some.
People usually choose it for the Yost SEO plugin, thinking their seo will do its own thing, but it is at most a suggestion, which is also wrong ... sometimes.