wordpress site long TTFB and half load issue

Hello, i'm new to litespeed and i'm really happy switching from Ngninx to litespeed!

99% off all sites on my VPS is using wordpress.

I'm heading into some issues implementing the caching with the first site:

1) I notice a really long TTFB on admin loads like insane +7sec and up in some cases.
2) Instant click works but often gets the side to load Half, missing background images, missing hover functionality of the header menu or even a full blanc page.
Sometime it does the job other times it doesn't

EDIT: Turns out partial load is occuring only when activating browser cache...

I'm running a few simple websites to complex with my own website being somewhere in between.

what can be causing this problem? I find it strange that a webpage is loading one time and the other time its not.
maybe some cloudflare issues?


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Hi @Prismix ,

1. There's no cache on admin page that's why you got a long page load. If you are just viewing pages with logged in user, private cache should helps.
2. Instant click improvement is on our developer's to-do but no ETA. So please turn it off if it brings you any trouble.
Not sure if you can provide any link to reproduce the last question?

Hi tnx for your answere, the problems seems not to be with instant click but with the browser cashing

Any help for the settings maybe? Without browser cache activated everything seems to work. Of course I deactivated it that's why you can't replicate. It's a live site so I can't leave it on


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If the issue happens when both Instant click and browser cache are "On". Then I would suggest you turn off the instant click only.