WP Super-Cache VS Litespeeds Wordpress Cache Plugin

Hi All,

We recently did some testing on Litespeeds WP cache and WP Super-cache, and the results are pretty amazing. Litespeeds cache plugin for Wordpress shows a large performance improvement over what most consider the #1 Wordpress Cache WP Super-Cache. I don't think it is number one for much longer!

Here are the end result numbers. The original blog post can be seen here: http://ops.kickassd.com/wp-super-cache-vs-litespeed-wordpress-cache/

WordPress Caching Nocache VS Litespeed Cache VS WP Super-Cache

Time Taken To Complete Test (Lower Is Better)

Time taken for tests: 5.773 seconds (No Caching)

Time taken for tests: 0.023 seconds (WP Super-Cache)

Time taken for tests: 0.009 seconds (Litespeed WordPress Cache)

Requests Per Second (Higher Is Better)

Requests per second: 8.66 [#/sec] (mean) (No Caching)

Requests per second: 2131.56 [#/sec] (mean) (WP Super-Cache)

Requests per second: 5311.24 [#/sec] (mean) (Litespeed WordPress Cache)