Wrong .htaccess sub folder issue


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As standard, I install Wordpress within a folder called sites. Once a site goes live, I copy index.php to root and update the path to /website/wp-blog-header.php. The problem I'm having is that Litespeed is adding it code to the .htaccess file in sites folder which doesn't work and I keep getting a miss. If I copy the code and add it to .htaccess file in root then it works. My question is, can this be set somewhere so I dont have to manual copy and paste?


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Is there any reason you want to do that? it looks like the installation is going to be really messy if you just move arround.
You can install wordpresss to your document root as http://yourdomain.com/ or sub folder as http://yourdomain.com/subfolder1/, but don't move them around, which might break your rewrite rules.
If you still want to move files around for whatever reason, you might have to fix all rewrite rule problem manually by yourself if it happens.
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