Zend OPcache not working on PHP 7.3


I have Zend Opcache Up and Running, when using PHp 7.3 there is no Cache hits/ Cache misses, switching to PHP 7.2 it works just fine. I checked External App, both lsphp72 and 7.3 have the same setting.

Can you please guide how to troubleshoot this?



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The issue has been found, it turns out to be a bug caused by the ionCube 10.3.8 update for PHP 7.3.

From the ionCube team:

We are aware of this issue which only affects the PHP 7.3 ionCube Loader.

We will be correcting this in the forthcoming 10.3.9 release which should become generally available either later this week or early next week.
A current workaround until a fix has been released by the ionCube team is to either downgrade ionCube to 10.3.8 or even disable the extension if you're not actively using it in your environment.