Zend vs opcode, and how to change config?

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by shanx24, Sep 29, 2006.

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    Couple questions:

    1. I had Zend Optimizer (Accelerator?) installed on my server. Would it have been picked up by LSWS -- how can I make sure? Should I install opcode then, are they both together more powerful, or will they conflict?

    2. I was looking at the config (mydomain.com:7080) and tried to change the port number of LSWS to somethign else (from 8088 to 82 or something), then "Apply Changes", then "Graceful Restart". When the server restarts, it comes back to 8088! Any idea why?

  2. xing

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    1) Both Zend Optimizer and Accelerator (different products) modify the "php.ini" file to insert paths to the extensions.

    You need to modify the php.ini in the /conf folder of LiteSpeed install and copy those php.ini lines.

    To verify, launch a php script under LiteSpeed and do a "echo phpinfo();" in the script to see if the zend extensions has been loaded.

    2) Make sure you changed the actual listener port and not the listerner name. Click on "Listeners" and then the "edit" link next to the listener.
  3. xing

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    If you want universal support minus the headaches of zend's craptatic installer, go with APC op-code cache. We have a wiki article on the setup.

    Zend Optimizer is just a code optimizer. Zend Accelerator() is non-free and a op-code caching module like APC.

    You can use APC with Zend optimizer.
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    I have set up eaccelerator. I think it is better than ACS, and it can work as a PHP extension, so it should work with LiteSpeed as well. Thanks.

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