LiteSpeed Web Cache Common Installation Guide

This guide will take you through the initial installation process for LiteSpeed Web Cache to setup cache root directory and cache policies. This guide applies to LSCache for WordPress, LSCache for WooCommerce, LSCache for XenForo, LiteMage Cache for Magento and LSCache for Prestashop. If none of above applications being used, please refer to LiteSpeed Cache general setup guide in LSCache module section.

Cache is not preallocated and each entry is in its own file. Cache is created on demand, until, the system does not allow to create a new entry such as disk full/ quota met.

Server Level and Virtual Host Level Cache Roots and Cache Policies

This section will guide you to set up server level and virtual host level cache roots and cache policies. For different hosting environments, the web server configuration steps for LSCache are different. Please choose your hosting environment:

Other Configuration Information

Our web application specific plugins communicate with LSCache to enhance its caching capabilities and provide users with more control over what is cached and for how long. We strongly recommend using them if your current web application is supported.

If you application doesn't have a plugin as listed above, please refer to the LiteSpeed Cache General Setup Guide.

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