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 ===== Cache Policy Settings =====  ===== Cache Policy Settings ===== 
 +LiteSpeed Cache default settings work well with most caching scenarios. For shared hosting environment,​ please don't change any of the **Server Level** default cache policy settings and leave them as "Not Set".
 +  Cache Policy:
 +  Enable Public Cache:Not Set
 +  Check Public Cache:Not Set
 +  Max Object Size:Not Set
 +  Cache Expire Time (seconds):​Not Set
 +  Cache Stale Age (seconds)Not Set
 +  Cache Request with Query String:Not Set
 +  Cache Request with Cookie:Not Set
 +  Cache Response with Cookie:Not Set
 +  Ignore Request Cache-Control:​Not Set
 +  Ignore Response Cache-Control:​Not Set
 +  Enable Private Cache:Not Set
 +  Check Private Cache:Not Set
 +  Private Cache Expire Time (seconds):​Not Set
-Add the following Apache style configuration directive in .htaccess to enable cache lookup.+Add the following Apache style configuration directive in your application level .htaccess ​file to enable cache lookup.
   <​IfModule LiteSpeed>​   <​IfModule LiteSpeed>​
      ​CacheLookup public on      ​CacheLookup public on
   </​IfModule>​   </​IfModule>​
- ​Perform a web server graceful restart. 
 ===== Advanced Cache Configuration ===== ===== Advanced Cache Configuration =====
 For Advanced Cache Configuration info, **[[litespeed_wiki:​cache:​common_installation:​advanced|look here]]**. For Advanced Cache Configuration info, **[[litespeed_wiki:​cache:​common_installation:​advanced|look here]]**.
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