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 The ''​const.default.ini''​ file contains the default configuration for LSCWP. It can be used, for example by hosting providers, to change the default settings for the plugin. The file is located in the ''​**/​wp-content/​litespeed-cache/​data**''​ folder. The ''​const.default.ini''​ file contains the default configuration for LSCWP. It can be used, for example by hosting providers, to change the default settings for the plugin. The file is located in the ''​**/​wp-content/​litespeed-cache/​data**''​ folder.
 +As of ''​v3.3''​ of our [[litespeed_wiki:​cpanel:​whm-plugin-lscwp-management|WHM plugin]], hosting providers can use a custom ''​const.default.ini''​ file when enabling or mass enabling LSCWP by placing the file under the ''/​usr/​src/​litespeed-wp-plugin/''​ directory. This file will then be used for all sites installing a new copy of LSCWP.
 Changes to ''​const.default.ini''​ do not prevent users from changing their plugin settings. Changes to ''​const.default.ini''​ do not prevent users from changing their plugin settings.
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 ===== Available values ===== ===== Available values =====
-|public_ttl|Default Public Cache TTL| +|public_ttl|Default Public Cache TTL|Text or numeric value
-|private_ttl|Default Private Cache TTL| +|private_ttl|Default Private Cache TTL|Text or numeric value
-|front_page_ttl|Default Front Page TTL| +|front_page_ttl|Default Front Page TTL|Text or numeric value
-|feed_ttl|Default Feed TTL| +|feed_ttl|Default Feed TTL|Text or numeric value
-|404_ttl|Default 404 Page TTL| +|404_ttl|Default 404 Page TTL|Text or numeric value
-|403_ttl|Default 403 Page TTL| +|403_ttl|Default 403 Page TTL|Text or numeric value
-|500_ttl|Default 500 Page TTL| +|500_ttl|Default 500 Page TTL|Text or numeric value
-|cache_priv|Cache Logged-in Users| +|cache_priv|Cache Logged-in Users|True or false
-|cache_commenter|Cache Commenters| +|cache_commenter|Cache Commenters|True or false
-|cache_rest|Cache REST API| +|cache_rest|Cache REST API|True or false
-|cache_page_login|Cache Login Page| +|cache_page_login|Cache Login Page|True or false
-|cache_favicon|Cache favicon.ico| +|cache_favicon|Cache favicon.ico|True or false
-|cache_resources|Cache PHP Resources| +|cache_resources|Cache PHP Resources|True or false
-|mobileview_enabled|Cache Mobile| +|mobileview_enabled|Cache Mobile|True or false
-|mobileview_rules|List of Mobile User Agents| +|mobileview_rules|List of Mobile User Agents|Text or numeric value
-|litespeed-cache_uri_priv|Private Cached URIs| +|litespeed-cache_uri_priv|Private Cached URIs|Text or numeric value
-|litespeed-cache-drop_qs|Drop Query String| +|litespeed-cache-drop_qs|Drop Query String|Text or numeric value
-|purge_upgrade|Purge All On Upgrade| +|purge_upgrade|Purge All On Upgrade|True or false
-|timed_urls|Scheduled Purge URLs| +|timed_urls|Scheduled Purge URLs|Text or numeric value
-|timed_urls_time|Scheduled Purge Time| +|timed_urls_time|Scheduled Purge Time|Text or numeric value
-|litespeed-forced_cache_uri|Force Cache URIs| +|litespeed-forced_cache_uri|Force Cache URIs|Text or numeric value
-|litespeed-excludes_uri|Do Not Cache URIs| +|litespeed-excludes_uri|Do Not Cache URIs|Text or numeric value
-|excludes_qs|Do Not Cache Query Strings| +|excludes_qs|Do Not Cache Query Strings|Text or numeric value
-|excludes_cat|Do Not Cache Categories| +|excludes_cat|Do Not Cache Categories|Text or numeric value
-|excludes_tag|Do Not Cache Tags| +|excludes_tag|Do Not Cache Tags|Text or numeric value
-|nocache_cookies|Do Not Cache Cookies| +|nocache_cookies|Do Not Cache Cookies|Text or numeric value
-|nocache_useragents|Do Not Cache User Agents| +|nocache_useragents|Do Not Cache User Agents|Text or numeric value
-|css_minify|CSS Minify| +|css_minify|CSS Minify|True or false
-|css_combine|CSS Combine| +|css_combine|CSS Combine|True or false
-|css_http2|CSS HTTP/2 Push| +|css_http2|CSS HTTP/2 Push|True or false
-|js_minify|JS Minify| +|js_minify|JS Minify|True or false
-|js_combine|JS Combine| +|js_combine|JS Combine|True or false
-|js_http2|JS HTTP/2 Push| +|js_http2|JS HTTP/2 Push|True or false
-|optimize_ttl|CSS/​JS Cache TTL| +|optimize_ttl|CSS/​JS Cache TTL|Text or numeric value
-|html_minify|HTML Minify| +|html_minify|HTML Minify|True or false
-|css_inline_minify|Inline CSS Minify| +|css_inline_minify|Inline CSS Minify|True or false
-|js_inline_minify|Inline JS Minify| +|js_inline_minify|Inline JS Minify|True or false
-|optm_css_async|Load CSS Asynchronously| +|optm_css_async|Load CSS Asynchronously|True or false
-|optm_ccss_gen|Generate Critical CSS| +|optm_ccss_gen|Generate Critical CSS|True or false
-|optm_ccss_async|Generate Critical CSS In Background| +|optm_ccss_async|Generate Critical CSS In Background|True or false
-|litespeed-optm-ccss-separate_posttype|Separate CCSS Cache Post Types| +|litespeed-optm-ccss-separate_posttype|Separate CCSS Cache Post Types|Text or numeric value
-|litespeed-optm-css-separate_uri|Separate CCSS Cache URIs| +|litespeed-optm-css-separate_uri|Separate CCSS Cache URIs|Text or numeric value
-|optm_css_async_inline|Inline CSS Async Lib| +|optm_css_async_inline|Inline CSS Async Lib|True or false
-|optm_js_defer|Load JS Deferred| +|optm_js_defer|Load JS Deferred|True or false
-|optm_exclude_jquery|Exclude JQuery| +|optm_exclude_jquery|Exclude JQuery|True or false
-|litespeed-cache-dns_prefetch|DNS Prefetch| +|litespeed-cache-dns_prefetch|DNS Prefetch|Text or numeric value
-|optm_rm_comment|Remove Comments| +|optm_rm_comment|Remove Comments|True or false
-|css_combined_priority|Combined CSS Priority| +|css_combined_priority|Combined CSS Priority|True or false
-|css_exclude|CSS Excludes| +|css_exclude|CSS Excludes|Text or numeric value
-|js_combined_priority|Combined JS Priority| +|js_combined_priority|Combined JS Priority|True or false
-|js_exclude|JS Excludes| +|js_exclude|JS Excludes|Text or numeric value
-|optm_max_size|Max Combined File Size| +|optm_max_size|Max Combined File Size|Text or numeric value
-|optm_qs_rm|Remove Query Strings| +|optm_qs_rm|Remove Query Strings|True or false
-|optm_ggfonts_async|Load Google Fonts Asynchronously| +|optm_ggfonts_async|Load Google Fonts Asynchronously|True or false
-|optm_ggfonts_rm|Remove Google Fonts| +|optm_ggfonts_rm|Remove Google Fonts|True or false
-|litespeed-optm-css|Critical CSS Rules| +|litespeed-optm-css|Critical CSS Rules|Text or numeric value
-|litespeed-optm-js-defer-excludes|JS Deferred Excludes| +|litespeed-optm-js-defer-excludes|JS Deferred Excludes|Text or numeric value
-|optm_emoji_rm|Remove WordPress Emoji| +|optm_emoji_rm|Remove WordPress Emoji|True or false
-|litespeed-optm_excludes|URI Excludes| +|litespeed-optm_excludes|URI Excludes|Text or numeric value
-|media_img_lazy|Lazy Load Images| +|media_img_lazy|Lazy Load Images|True or false
-|litespeed-media-lazy-img-excludes|Lazy Load Image Excludes| +|litespeed-media-lazy-img-excludes|Lazy Load Image Excludes|Text or numeric value
-|media_img_lazy_placeholder|Lazy Load Image Placeholder| +|media_img_lazy_placeholder|Lazy Load Image Placeholder|Text or numeric value
-|media_placeholder_resp|Responsive Placeholder| +|media_placeholder_resp|Responsive Placeholder|True or false
-|media_placeholder_resp_color|Responsive Placeholder Background Color| +|media_placeholder_resp_color|Responsive Placeholder Background Color|Text or numeric value
-|media_placeholder_resp_async|Generate Reponsive Placeholder In Background| +|media_placeholder_resp_async|Generate Reponsive Placeholder In Background|True or false
-|media_iframe_lazy|Lazy Load Iframes| +|media_iframe_lazy|Lazy Load Iframes|True or false
-|media_img_lazyjs_inline|Inline Lazy Load Images Library| +|media_img_lazyjs_inline|Inline Lazy Load Images Library|True or false
-|media_optm_auto|Optimize Automatically| +|media_optm_auto|Optimize Automatically|True or false
-|media_optm_cron|Optimization Cron| +|media_optm_cron|Optimization Cron|True or false
-|media_optm_ori|Optimize Original Images| +|media_optm_ori|Optimize Original Images|True or false
-|media_rm_ori_bkup|Remove Original Backups| +|media_rm_ori_bkup|Remove Original Backups|True or false
-|media_optm_webp|Optimize WebP Versions| +|media_optm_webp|Optimize WebP Versions|True or false
-|media_optm_lossless|Optimize Losslessly| +|media_optm_lossless|Optimize Losslessly|True or false
-|media_optm_exif|Preserve EXIF data| +|media_optm_exif|Preserve EXIF data|True or false
-|media_webp_replace|Image WebP Replacement| +|media_webp_replace|Image WebP Replacement|True or false
-|litespeed-media-webp_attribute|WebP Attribute To Replace| +|litespeed-media-webp_attribute|WebP Attribute To Replace|Text or numeric value
-|media_webp_replace_srcset|WebP For Extra srcset| +|media_webp_replace_srcset|WebP For Extra srcset|True or false
-|cdn|Enable CDN| +|cdn|Enable CDN|True or false
-|cdn_ori|Original URLs| +|cdn_ori|Original URLs|Text or numeric value
-|litespeed-cdn-ori_dir|Included Directories| +|litespeed-cdn-ori_dir|Included Directories|Text or numeric value
-|cdn_exclude|Exclude Path| +|cdn_exclude|Exclude Path|Text or numeric value
-|cdn_remote_jquery|Load JQuery Remotely| +|cdn_remote_jquery|Load JQuery Remotely|True or false
-|cdn_cloudflare|Cloudflare API| +|cdn_cloudflare|Cloudflare API|True or false
-|cdn_cloudflare_email|Email Address| +|cdn_cloudflare_email|Email Address|Text or numeric value
-|cdn_cloudflare_key|Global API Key| +|cdn_cloudflare_key|Global API Key|Text or numeric value
-|cdn_cloudflare_name|Domain| +|cdn_cloudflare_name|Domain|Text or numeric value
-|esi_enabled|Enable ESI| +|esi_enabled|Enable ESI|True or false
-|esi_cached_admbar|Cache Admin Bar| +|esi_cached_admbar|Cache Admin Bar|True or false
-|esi_cached_commform|Cache Comment Form| +|esi_cached_commform|Cache Comment Form|True or false
-|cache_object|Object Cache| +|cache_object|Object Cache|True or false
-|cache_object_kind|Method| +|cache_object_kind|Method|Text or numeric value
-|cache_object_host|Host| +|cache_object_host|Host|Text or numeric value
-|cache_object_port|Port| +|cache_object_port|Port|Text or numeric value
-|cache_object_life|Default Object Lifetime| +|cache_object_life|Default Object Lifetime|Text or numeric value
-|cache_object_user|Username| +|cache_object_user|Username|Text or numeric value
-|cache_object_pswd|Password| +|cache_object_pswd|Password|Text or numeric value
-|litespeed-object_global_groups|Global Groups| +|litespeed-object_global_groups|Global Groups|Text or numeric value
-|litespeed-object_non_persistent_groups|Do Not Cache Groups| +|litespeed-object_non_persistent_groups|Do Not Cache Groups|Text or numeric value
-|cache_object_persistent|Persistent Connection| +|cache_object_persistent|Persistent Connection|True or false
-|cache_object_admin|Cache Wp-Admin| +|cache_object_admin|Cache Wp-Admin|True or false
-|cache_object_transients|Store Transients| +|cache_object_transients|Store Transients|True or false
-|cache_browser|Browser Cache| +|cache_browser|Browser Cache|True or false
-|cache_browser_ttl|Browser Cache TTL| +|cache_browser_ttl|Browser Cache TTL|Text or numeric value
-|check_advancedcache|Check Advanced Cache| +|check_advancedcache|Check Advanced Cache|Text or numeric value
-|login_cookie|Login Cookie| +|login_cookie|Login Cookie|Text or numeric value
-|litespeed-adv-purge_all_hooks|Purge All Hooks| +|litespeed-adv-purge_all_hooks|Purge All Hooks|Text or numeric value
-|use_http_for_https_vary|Improve HTTP/HTTPS Compatibility| +|use_http_for_https_vary|Improve HTTP/HTTPS Compatibility|True or false
-|instant_click|Instant Click|+|instant_click|Instant Click|True or false| 
 +|debug_disable_all|Disable All Features|True or false| 
 +|debug|Debug Log|Text or numeric value| 
 +|admin_ips|Admin IPs|Text or numeric value| 
 +|debug_level|Debug Level|Text or numeric value| 
 +|log_file_size|Log File Size Limit|Text or numeric value| 
 +|heartbeat|Heartbeat|True or false| 
 +|debug_cookie|Log Cookies|True or false| 
 +|collaps_qs|Collapse Query Strings|True or false| 
 +|log_filters|Log Filters|True or false| 
 +|litespeed-log_ignore_filters|Exclude Filters|Text or numeric value| 
 +|litespeed-log_ignore_part_filters|Exclude Part Filters|Text or numeric value| 
 +|crawler_usleep|Delay|Text or numeric value| 
 +|crawler_run_duration|Run Duration|Text or numeric value| 
 +|crawler_run_interval|Interval Between Runs|Text or numeric value| 
 +|crawler_crawl_interval|Crawl Interval|Text or numeric value| 
 +|crawler_threads|Threads|Text or numeric value| 
 +|crawler_load_limit|Server Load Limit|Text or numeric value| 
 +|crawler_domain_ip|Site IP|Text or numeric value| 
 +|litespeed-crawler-as-uids|Role Simulation|Text or numeric value| 
 +|crawler_custom_sitemap|Custom Sitemap|Text or numeric value| 
 +|crawler_include_posts|Include Posts|True or false| 
 +|crawler_include_pages|Include Pages|True or false| 
 +|crawler_include_cats|Include Categories|True or false| 
 +|crawler_include_tags|Include Tags|True or false| 
 +|crawler_excludes_cpt|Exclude Custom Post Types|Text or numeric value| 
 +|crawler_order_links|Order links by|Text or numeric value|
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