Developer Testing

There is a developer testing section in LiteMage configuration.

Global setting. Limit LiteMage Cache to specified IPs. (Space or comma separated.) Allows cache testing on a live site. If empty, cache will be served to everyone. When you are ready to use LiteMage Cache for all users, set this setting back to blank, and flush LiteMage cache (System → Cache Management → Flush All LiteMage Cache). This will invalidate the cached copies made during testing (which cannot be served to normal users).

  • We always recommend testing LiteMage on your dev/staging server first, especially for heavily customized Magento stores. If you have to test on a production environment, you can put your test IPs here. This way regular viewers will not be affected by the test.

Global setting. Prints additional information to var/log/system.log or var/log/litemage.log for debugging purposes. (Ensure developer log is enabled under System → Configuration → Developer inside of Magento.)

  • Note: Turn off for production use.
  • The developer log has to be enabled, this is sometimes globally enabled by default, but not at the store level. To change this, go to System → Configuration → Advanced → Developer → Log Settings.
  • A detailed log will be printed out. LiteMage log entries have a LiteMage label at beginning. This is not for end users, but for developers to troubleshoot issues.

Available since LiteMage version 1.3.6.

Specifies debug level ranging from 1 to 9. The higher the value, the more detailed the output.

Available since LiteMage version 1.3.6.

Prints warmup and delta crawler activities to var/log/litemage_crawler.log.

Global setting. Determines whether LiteMage prints delta crawler activities to var/log/lmdelta.log

Available since LiteMage version 1.3.6.

This will disable LiteMage’s layout class override for non-cacheable frontend pages at the expense of performance. Enable this setting if there are issues during the checkout process.

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