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 +====== All Administrative Privilege Browser Commands ======
 +The following is a complete list of LiteMage Administrative privilege browser commands along with their descriptions. You can use these commands (with the proper privileges) by adding them to the end of a LiteMage enabled URL in your browser'​s address bar.
 +  * **?​LITEMAGE_DEBUG=NOCACHE** - This command is used for retrieving the current page from the backend, bypassing LiteMage Cache. This is useful for checking the accuracy of the currently cached version of a page. 
 +  * **?​LITEMAGE_DEBUG=SHOWHOLES** - This command is used to display holes punched during the ESI process. This is useful for checking if all private blocks are being properly hole punched by LiteMage. \\ For Example: \\ {{:​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​lmshowholes.png?​direct 750px|}} \\ **Note:** valueOnly blocks will not be shown.
 +  * **?​LITEMAGE_CTRL=PURGE** - This command allows you to purge the current page from cache without having to go through the Magento Admin Panel.
 +  * **/​litemage/​admin/​purge?​tags=** - This command is used to purge any page containing a certain item, category, or cms page by ID number. The command should be followed by a comma separated list of tags and ID numbers where the tag can be P(for product), C(for catalog), or G(for cms page), followed by a dot and the desired numeric ID. \\ \\ For Example: ''​your_site_url/​litemage/​admin/​purge?​tags=P.345,​C.4,​G.1''​ \\  \\ This is very useful in cases where your Magento database is updated by an external program. In these cases you can use GET with this parameter in a script to automate purging the affected products, categories, or cms pages. \\ \\ **Note:** This is not necessary if updating only through the Magento Admin Panel. When a product is saved in the Magento Admin Panel, not only the product page but also all the related category pages will be automatically purged.
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