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-====== Header/Footer Disappear After Enabling LiteMage Cache ======+~~NOTOC~~ 
 +====== ​Both Header ​and Footer Disappear After Enabling LiteMage Cache ======
-You may find that after enabling LiteMage Cache, ​your sites header, footer, and other dynamically loaded blocks ​(or the LiteMage ​specific options ​under System > Cache Management in the Magento Admin Panel) ​disappear.+==== Problem ==== 
 +After re-enabling LiteMage Cache, ​the site'​s ​header, footer, and other dynamically-loaded blocks ​disappear. Also, the **Flush ​LiteMage ​Cache** button ​under **System > Cache Management** in the Magento Admin Panel disappears. 
 +==== Cause ==== 
 +**Litespeed_Litemage output** was mistakenly disabled 
 +==== Solution ==== 
 +Log into Magento Admin Panel, go to **System > Configuration > ADVANCED > Advanced > Disable Module Output**, make sure **Litespeed_Litemage output** is enabled, then save config. 
 +==== Notes ==== 
 +The correct way to disable the LiteMage module (not only outputis: **System > Configuration > LITEMAGE CACHE > LiteMage Configuration**,​ set **Enable LiteMage Cache** to ''​No''​.
-This is caused by mistakenly attempting to disable LiteMage by disabling "​Litespeed_Litemage"​ under System > Configuration > ADVANCED > Advanced instead of setting "​Enable LiteMage Cache" to "​No"​ under System > Configuration > LITEMAGE CACHE > LiteMage Configuration. By doing the former, you are disabling the LiteMage Modules output but not LiteMage itself. LiteMage is still enabled and punching holes on your page, but with it's output disabled, it is unable to output the ESI response to your sites frontend, resulting in those blocks appearing "​missing"​. 
-To fix this simply navigate to System > Configuration > ADVANCED > Advanced, set "​Litespeed_Litemage"​ to "​Enable",​ and click "Save Config"​ at the top right of the page. 
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