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-===== Live chat widget does not show up =====+~~NOTOC~~
-Problem: live chat widget does not show up.+===== Live Chat Widget Not Showing Up =====
-Reason: ​Live chat widget ​was added to footer template, but not through regular layout.xml, but widget.xml+==== Symptoms ==== 
 +  * Live chat widget ​does not show up.
-Exception ​log shows:+==== Cause ==== 
 +The live chat widget was not added to the footer template through the usual layout.xml file, but through widget.xml 
 +In this case, the exception ​log will show something similar to the following:
   #0 /​home/​user1/​public_html/​app/​code/​core/​Mage/​Core/​Model/​Layout.php(495):​ Mage::​throwException('​Invalid block t...')   #0 /​home/​user1/​public_html/​app/​code/​core/​Mage/​Core/​Model/​Layout.php(495):​ Mage::​throwException('​Invalid block t...')
   #1 /​home/​user1/​public_html/​app/​code/​core/​Mage/​Core/​Model/​Layout.php(437):​ Mage_Core_Model_Layout-   #1 /​home/​user1/​public_html/​app/​code/​core/​Mage/​Core/​Model/​Layout.php(437):​ Mage_Core_Model_Layout-
Line 12: Line 16:
   >​createBlock('​chatbox/​chatbox',​ '​48958d0b714472a...'​)   >​createBlock('​chatbox/​chatbox',​ '​48958d0b714472a...'​)
-Solution: The footer block cannot load widget block properly, ​hence hole punch for public footer block needs to be disabled.+==== Solution ​==== 
 +Because the footer block cannot load the widget block properly, hole-punching ​for the public footer block needs to be disabled.
-How to disable hole punch for footer plock? You will need to modify ​config.xml ​file and remove(comment out) footer section.+This can be accomplished by modifying ''​config.xml''​ to remove(comment out) the footer section.
   cd app/​code/​community/​Litespeed/​Litemage/​etc/​   cd app/​code/​community/​Litespeed/​Litemage/​etc/​
   vi config.xml   vi config.xml
-Simply remove ​the following ​  +Remove ​the following:
- +
-                <​footer>​ +
-                    <​access>​public</​access>​ +
-                    <​blocks>​footer</​blocks>​ +
-                </​footer>​+
-or use <!--   --to comment it out. +<code
-              <​!--  ​<​footer>​ +<​footer>​ 
-                    <​access>​public</​access>​ +    <​access>​public</​access>​ 
-                    <​blocks>​footer</​blocks>​ +    <​blocks>​footer</​blocks>​ 
-                </​footer> ​-->+</​footer>​ 
-Please be aware that config.xml will be overridden by LiteMage ​upgrade. You will need to do the above change again after the upgradeYou can not keep the old config file and copy over after the upgrade, ​as new fields will be added for each upgrade.+or use ''<​!-- ​  ​-->''​ to comment that section out: 
 +<​!-- ​ <​footer>​ 
 +    <​access>​public</​access>​ 
 +    <​blocks>​footer</​blocks>​ 
 +</​footer>​ --> 
 +Please be aware that the ''​config.xml''​ file will be overwritten when updating ​LiteMage ​and the above changes ​will need to be repeated**Do not use a copy of the old config file after updating** ​as new fields will be added with each update.
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