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-===== Cart can not be updated on one store on a multi-site setup =====  +~~NOTOC~~
-On a multi-site Magento store setup on a cPanel server, products update only show on one site but not the other. Even tried to purge LiteMage cache, it still doesn'​t work. Why? Most likely due to the wrong virtual host cache root setup.+
-Usually, virtual host cache root should be under /​home/​$USER/​lscache and can not be in a centralized location such as RAM disk, especially for multi-site. If cache root is not at /​home/​$USER/,​ it could only be known to one site but not the other on multi-site environment. Please refer to [[litespeed_wiki:​cache:​common_installation:​cpanel-shared| this wiki]] for cPanel environment cache root setup.+====== Cache Not Updating On One Store In A Multi-site Setup ====== ​
-Once the correct cache root is set and purge the cacheproblem resolved.+==== Symptoms ==== 
 +  * Product updates showing on one site but not the other.  
 +==== Cause ==== 
 +If LiteMage Cache has already been purged with no success, the cause is most likely due to an incorrect virtual host cache root setup. 
 +==== Solution ==== 
 +Usually, the virtual host cache root should be located under ''/​home/​$USER/​lscache''​ and cannot be in a centralized location, such as RAM disk, for multi-site setups.  
 +If cache root is not located under ''/​home/​$USER/'',​ it is likely that the other site cannot see these cached files. Please refer to our **[[litespeed_wiki:​cache:​common_installation:​cpanel-shared| cPanel guide]]** for cPanel environment cache root setup. 
 +Once the correct cache root is set and the cache has been purged the problem ​should be resolved.
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