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 +====== why I can not purge litemage cache-from Magento admin Cache Management? ====== 
 +If you have multi-site setup but setup wrong virtual host cache root, such as in a location not without /​home/​$USER/​lscache,​ or within /​home/​$USER/​turbocache but have subfolder for each multi-site domains like the following:​ 
 +   /​home/​$USER/​turbocache/​domain1.om/​ 
 +   /​home/​$USER/​turbocache/​domain2.om/​ 
 +   /​home/​$USER/​turbocache/​domain3.om/​ 
 +You will run into issue that you can not purge cache from admin. Please follow our wiki to get right virtual host cache root setup. ​  
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