The LiteMage module is now available as a purchasable add-on to new and existing LiteSpeed Licenses and is tiered as starter/standard/unlimited based on the number of cached objects you need. The LiteMage Cache extension for Magento will remain free to download from Magento Connect but requires the LiteMage module to work.

You can always try the ultra-fast LiteMage full page cache for free using our trial license. Overall, LiteSpeed + LiteMage will save you a ton on hardware costs while greatly boosting your Magento store's performance.

Please check our LiteMage pricing page for more info.

How many public cache objects does a store use?

LiteMage pricing is now tiered by a limit on public cache objects per Magento installation/user. How do you know how many public cache objects an installation/user is using?

This can be checked through LiteMage crawler in the Magento Admin Panel.

Magento Admin Panel→ System → Cache Management → LiteMage Crawler Warm-up Status → List Size. If a store has multiple currencies/Languages, you may need to consider them when determining the total number of objects you need.

For responsive page, it only counts as one cache object.

Choosing a License

A merchant does not have a running store yet or I don't have the ability to check through his or her Magento admin page. How can I estimate how many cached objects are required for his store?

There are only three tiers: Starter, Standard, and Unlimited. You can guestimate based upon their store's size, number of languages, currencies, and options. e.g. If you have 300 items for sale and each has 2 configuration options that render different pages in 10 languages… 300 x 2 x 10 = 6000. In this case, LiteMage Standard would be appropriate to cache this store.

Public cache objects are also stored based on URL. If your site uses a layered navigation menu for example, each combination of selections from the layered menu will be its own publicly cached object.

What happens if your site needs more cached objects than your license allows?

LiteMage Starter has a limit of 1,500 public cache objects and LiteMage Standard has a limit of 25,000. Once these limits are reached, further public cache objects will not be stored. Your site will still work without any problems, but it will only be partially cached.

Pages not cached will be served by Magento directly. These pages will load more slowly than those that were cached. Overall, your site being partially cached is still much better than having no cache.

We will display the number of the public cache objects in the Magento admin panel in a future release.

For shared hosting server, LiteMage objects' limits are applied to each domain instead of the whole server. When one domain reaches the limit, the rest of domains can be still served from cache without any problem until they reach the limit by themselves.

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