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-===== LSCache ESI Support ===== +~~REDIRECT>​litespeed_wiki:​cache:no-plugin-advanced:​esi-support~~
- +
-Edge Side Includes (ESI) is a markup language that allows you to designate parts of your dynamic page as separate fragments that are then assembled together to make the whole page. This means you can cache (or not cache) different parts of a page in different ways, allowing you to increase your number of cache hits by tailoring your caching to parts of pages instead of having to always reduce caching to the lowest common denominator on that page. In other words, you no longer have to designate a whole page as non-cacheable just because one part is non-cacheable. +
- +
-This wiki will describe what parts of ESI LiteSpeed supports and how to enable ESI support in LiteSpeed Web Server (and thus LSCache). +
- +
-===== What Parts of ESI LiteSpeed Supports ===== +
- +
-LiteSpeed supports all of ESI included in the [[http://​www.w3.org/​TR/​esi-lang|ESI Language Specification 1.0]]. +
- +
-===== Enabling ESI Support ===== +
- +
-ESI is enabled with a simple rewrite rule: +
- +
-  RewriteRule .? – [E=esi_on:​1] +
- +
-The above rewrite rule in your server-level configurations would activate ESI support ​for all pages. If you only have ESI on a specific page, you might want to only enable ESI for that page: +
- +
-  RewriteRule /?​my_esi_page.php – [E=esi_on:​1]+
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