LiteSpeed Cache for Joomla ESI Settings

ESI allows you to cache certain blocks on your site differently than the rest of the page. This is useful for eCommerce, for example, as you could cache a shopping cart module in private cache, while the rest of the page remained in public cache.

LiteSpeed Cache for Joomla allows you to set up any module as an ESI block. ESI module cache is independent from page cache, and may be shared by multiple pages with different cache settings.

There are three ways to cache an ESI module:

  • Public: ESI module will be cached, and the cache will be shared by all visitors
  • Private: ESI module will be cached with a separate individualized copy for each visitor
  • None: ESI module will not be cached (not recommend)

ESI module cache settings work independently of the page cache. It doesn't matter whether the page they appear on is in public cache, private cache, or is not cached.

Navigate to Components > LiteSpeed Cache. You should see a list of Normal Modules.

Select the listed module you want to be rendered as ESI, and click the Render Modules as ESI button. From there you will be prompted to set the ESI Module Cache Type as well as the cache TTL for that ESI Module.

Public is the default ESI Module Cache Type option. You may want to choose Private for modules with personalized information, such as Login and Shopping Cart modules. Only select None when the module is absolutely not cache compatible. Having any uncached content on a page will slow that page down dramatically, so if you can avoid having uncached ESI modules, we recommend that you do avoid it.

From the modules list, switch to ESI Modules. Select the module you want to revert, and click the Render Module As Normal button. The module will no longer be rendered as an ESI module.

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