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 +====== LiteSpeed Cache for Joomla Exclude Rules Settings ======
 +Your site may have pages that should not be cached. This tab allows you to specify exceptions. Any pages covered by the following rules will not be cached.
 +===== Exclude Components =====
 +If you have site components that behave oddly when cached, you can exclude them here. Put your cursor in the box, and a list of available components will appear. Select any component(s) you wish to add to the exclude list. By default the ''​Users''​ component is not cached.
 +===== Exclude Menus =====
 +This field works similarly to the previous one. Put your cursor inside the box, and select any menus to exclude. When you choose a menu, every page that is a part of that menu is excluded from the cache.
 +===== Exclude URLs =====
 +Use this box to enter individual paths that should not be cached. Enter the paths one per line. You may use regular expressions.
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