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How to Set Up Crawler Cron Job for LSCJoomla

The latest LSCJoomla provides a crawler function at Advanced → Web interface to rebuild all LiteSpeed Cache:

Web interface to rebuild all LiteSpeed Cache:

To run the above crawler, your curl_exec cannot be disabled in your php.ini settings. Also you will need to enable crawler feature on LSWS which is most likely disabled on shared hosting server by default.

If curl_exec was disabled from php.ini, you may see similar error like:

Warning: curl_exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/joomla/public_html/plugins/system/lscache/lscache.php on line 1564

If crawler feature is not enabled on LSWS, you may see an error like the following:

You can click Web interface to rebuild all LiteSpeed Cache link to run the crawler manually. It will only run once until completion.

To setup crawler as a cron job, you can simply use wget to retrieve the cachelink URL (please replace the URL with your own value):


For example, setup the above cron job daily to run at 0:00, in crontab -e user:

0 0 * * * wget wget  

The Homepage Public Cache TTL (minutes) defines how long before the cache will be expired. The default settings for it is 2000 minutes, which is around 33 hours.

To keep the page cached most of the time, you can either set a longer Time to Live (TTL) to make the cache stay longer, or run the crawler periodically before the TTL is up and the cache expires. For example, for 2000 minutes TTL, running the crawler cron job daily will keep the pages cached all the time.

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